Increasing Medication Safety for the Elderly


Due to the varying ailments brought about by aging, most seniors require multiple medications a day. While this is generally safe, the trouble comes when they do not have help managing their medications. That’s because medication errors can pose significant health risks to the elderly. This is where the value of in-home services is best highlighted.

Are you looking for ways to increase your safety with your medications? We at Akahina Home Care, a tried-and-true home care provider in California, have got you covered! Here are a few tips you can follow, along with how we can assist you:

  • Take Your Medication as Directed by Your Doctor
    It is crucial to take your medicines as directed by your doctor. To ensure you get the most out of your medical appointments, our home care staff can accompany you and help take note of critical information.
  • Inspect Expiration Dates Regularly and Store Medicines Appropriately
    Appropriate storage is one method for ensuring that your medications remain safe and effective. It is also necessary to read the information on your medicine’s specific storage guidelines. Rest assured that all of these and more are taken into account by our reliable team of senior care providers.
  • Keep an Eye on Any Medication Interactions and Side Effects
    While your doctors make every effort to avoid interactions and side effects, you can help ensure your safety by understanding what they are and what to look out for. You can always rely on our home care agency in Temecula, California, to supply you with high-quality caregivers who can aid you with this.

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