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Living out one’s golden years doesn’t necessarily necessitate living in a retirement home or senior housing. Many families recognize the value of in-home services, which allow their elderly parents to stay in a familiar setting.

How personnel at a home care agency in Temecula, California greet and treat you can teach you a lot. Consider it a plus if an agency’s team appears motivated to do their job, but a red flag if the personnel are slow to reply to phone calls.

First, you’ll need to recruit caregiver candidates. You can always ask trusted caregiver agencies or private caregivers for recommendations from friends and family. A professional home care provider in California is typically a good provider of approved referrals.

Once you have several candidates, schedule initial phone interviews. Although phone interviews are useful, in-person encounters help you to properly determine whether a caregiver is a good fit for your family. Evaluate how the candidate would handle specific situations during the in-person interview.

Call each of the references listed by the candidate, and make sure to ask how long the reference has known the prospective caregiver. The caregiver may be caring for your loved one for 40 hours per week. When making important caregiving decisions, speaking with references can provide you with peace of mind. Once you’ve decided on a caregiver, have them sign an employment contract.

Hiring a caregiver does not have to be a difficult or unpleasant experience. Akahina Home Care maintains the highest standards for caregiver training and selection, as well as non-medical home care if you are looking for a reliable source of vetted caregivers. Contact our office to begin the process of creating your personalized care plan.

We also provide veterans home care for veterans and their spouses.

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