Simple Home Modifications to Improve Safety


The main reason why a majority of seniors are homebound is for their health and safety. With their frail condition, letting them stay at home is the most ideal living situation. Being at home helps guarantee their comfort and safety. The good news is homebound seniors can get the help of a home care provider in California for their healthcare needs. Under the supervision of healthcare professionals, they can get peace of mind when it comes to their wellness.

One of the biggest decisions that seniors ever have to make is choosing a care plan. Some of them may not know this, but this decision has a huge impact on their well-being. This is why they must but able to choose wisely. When it comes to senior care, home care is undeniably the best choice. It’s the only type of caregiving that provides an opportunity for seniors to achieve stress-free aging in the comfort of home.

Although homebound seniors get to remain in the comfort of their abodes, there’s still a possibility that they could encounter accidents. As unpredictable as accidents are, there’s no way of telling when and where they would happen. Sadly, their frail condition makes seniors easy targets for these. This is why it is a great idea to take preventive measures as much as possible.

As a home care agency in Temecula, California, home safety is our priority. We’d like to share a few suggestions with you.

  1. Place the senior’s bedroom on the ground floor.
  2. Ensure proper lighting throughout the house.
  3. Fix loose wirings.
  4. Adjust high countertops and cabinets.
  5. Install handrails, grab bars, and non-slip mats.

Akahina Home Care offers top-quality in-home services to help ensure your safety and wellness.

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