Lowering the Risk for Cancer


Cancer has been the enemy of everyone and a friend to none. The idea of it is very dreadful due to plenty of reasons. One, not everyone can survive cancer. Second, if you are fortunate to survive the first stages of chronic diseases, it has a high chance of remission. Third, there is no proper cure for cancer. It has always been prevention or managing the symptoms. However, while we are running away from this idea, it is still best to lower our chances of acquiring this illness. As a home care provider in California, we are here to help mitigate your chances of getting cancer. Our caregivers can also take care of your sick or senior loved ones.

There are plenty of cancer types. Any part of our body, any organ of ours, can be attacked by cancer cells. With our in-home services, we assist your loved ones by:

  • Finding healthy coping strategies- any form of stress can take a toll on our overall well-being. Simple exercises or hiking can be an example.
  • Keeping them maintain a healthy weight and encouraging them to quit smoking, limit their alcohol intake. Obesity can lead our health to detriments. We will try our best to help you avoid the same.
  • Applying sunscreen when going out and wearing protective clothing. Skin cancer is rampant and is very challenging to handle. Hence, we make sure to protect the skin from harmful UV exposure.
  • Appearing during regular check-ups. It is essential to get screening tests regularly to monitor their overall health.
  • Getting the recommended vaccinations.

Akahina Home Care offers a variety of- home care services under our home care agency in Temecula, California. Check the details here on our website. Contact us for more information.

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