Fall Prevention Tips to Keep Seniors Safe


As we age, our bodies naturally grow weak. We tend to lose our coordination and balance, which often leads to accidents. One of the most common accidents that cause emergency hospital admissions is falls.

Here are some tips to help your senior loved ones avoid falling:

  • Upgrade your home.
    It might sound expensive, but you don’t have to spend much. Replace old, regular floor mats with non-slip ones. Add extra lighting in dark areas of the house or increase the wattage.
  • Organize all their things according to essentials.
    You have to put their essentials in shelves that are easy to reach and drawers or cabinets where they don’t have to bend. It is also important that they are aware of where their stuff is located.
  • Invest in bathroom safety equipment for support.
    Bathrooms are one of the most dangerous areas of the house. It is often wet, slippery, and full of hard surfaces. We recommend purchasing grab bars, a shower chair, and a toilet seat frame and riser.

Ask for professional assistance, especially if the senior is living alone or if no other family member can stay at home most times. Hire in-home services that offer companionship and mobility assistance.

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