Engaging Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Engaging Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Health conditions may have short- and long-term effects on people. But dementia can leave people feeling hopeless and helpless because of its emotional and psychological effects. If you have a loved one who is diagnosed with it and you noticed they are manifesting signs of isolation and social withdrawal, then this is the time you should keep them engaged in activities that will motivate them.

Listed below are some of the engaging activities that you should encourage your loved ones with dementia to do:

  • Community activities and group games
  • Drawing and crafts and culinary activities
  • Folding laundries and puzzles or therapy animals
  • Knitting or crocheting and making a personalized picture puzzle
  • Singing, listening to music, watching old movies, and looking through photo albums or magazines

There are a lot of Home Care Provider in California out there that offers companionship services in which caregivers will assist your loved ones with dementia to be involved in activities that will help enhance their cognitive function.

Akahina Home Care is your reliable Home Care Agency in Temecula, California that provides exceptional care services for veterans and older adults. You can assure that our care programs come with a personalized touch to leave a mark on our clients. We also aim to foster meaningful relationships with those we serve so we can effectively meet their specific care needs.

If you wish to know more about our In-Home Services, please do not hesitate to reach us. We are always available to answer any of your inquiries.

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