Cleaning and Hygiene Helps Keep Seniors Healthy


Our world today is full of many microorganisms that can cause various diseases to people of all ages. Some of them can be severe, while others are curable. But what if it is seniors who get infected? When people who are prone to illnesses get exposed to these unseen invaders.

Senior care involves protecting the elderly from any threats. Eliminating viruses and bacteria should be one of the top focuses, as it paves the way toward healthy living.

To do that, we, as a Home Care Agency in Temecula, California, believe that cleanliness and proper hygiene are part of the solution. We offer the following cleaning and hygiene tips:

  • Bathe the patient under veterans home care regularly.
  • Clean the house and look for possible mold and dust accumulation.
  • Change the beddings, linen, and curtains.
  • Members of the house should always wash their hands before meals, after going outdoors, and after touching surfaces.

Observe these measures as part of healthy In-Home Services.

Should you need a Home Care Provider in California that suits your needs concerning mindful assistance and overall welfare observance, our professionals are glad to be of service. Call Akahina Home Care now! Dial 951-434-7379 to know how to avail of our services.

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