Changing Your Approach to Communication


Dementia is a progressive illness that will affect your loved one’s ability to remember and understand basic everyday facts over time. You will notice that your loved one will start forgetting names, important events, dates, and places.

This disease will affect how your loved one’s communication. But don’t let this stop you from making more memories with them. Akahina Home Care understands how tricky it can be to even relay a simple message to someone with dementia, so we’re sharing a few tips that the caregivers at our Home Care Agency in Temecula, California use all the time.

Don’t worry, these tips are quite easy, and with enough practice, you will find that speaking with a loved one with dementia doesn’t have to be complicated. Take a look:

  • Speak clearly and slowly, with short sentences
  • Make eye contact with your loved one
  • After telling them something or asking a question, wait a few moments for their answer
  • Encourage them to join in on the family conversations or whenever possible
  • If you need them to decide on something – clothes, food, etc – narrow down the choices to not more than 3 options to avoid confusion.

The only things you need to prioritize are keeping your sentences short, making eye contact, and using simple words.

For example, in our In-Home Services, if a caregiver wants to consult a senior about the clothes they want to wear for the day, they will show 3 complete outfits and have them pick out one set. They might say “pick out the ones you want to wear today”, or “what color would you like to wear today?” if it’s organized as such.

If you’re in the market for a Home Care Provider in California, you’re in the right place. Dial 951-434-7379.

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