Challenges That Necessitate Assistance in Personal Hygiene


When you check out the website of your home care provider in California, you’ll find that one of the services offered is assistance for personal hygiene. It may seem a little bit trivial, but, for elders, this service can be of utmost importance for their daily lives.

This brings us to the question – when does an elder, or any person in general, require assistance from another person in maintaining personal hygiene?

  • When a Person is Bed-Ridden

    A person who is unable to get up from bed will require assistance in maintaining personal hygiene. In-home services from caregivers or home health aides will be needed to continually give the person sponge baths when needed.

    It’s about more than just hygiene in these circumstances – it’s also for the comfort of the patient, who could develop bedsores from lying down all the time.

  • When a Person Is Recovering From Surgery

    To recover from injuries, you will need to keep your movements minimal. This means that, depending on the severity of your surgery, you will need to take it easy. If you need to undertake some hygiene-related tasks, you’ll need someone to assist you so you aren’t using too much muscular strength every time.

  • When the Elder Has Mobility Problems

    Last but not least, an elder with mobility problems will definitely need help in personal hygiene. It is typical for elders on wheelchairs, for instance, to wear adult diapers instead to save them the difficulty of getting up to go to the toilet. In this case, they’d still need assistance in changing the diapers whenever necessary.

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